Have you ever been trying to capturing Leads through whatsapp messenger bot ?

`Lead` in terms of Digtal Marketing is an event when a potential customer is

willing to provide important data such as name, telephone number, email and willingness to be contacted by our sales/marketing company

to put information of the products and services we sell on his/her mind.

Capturing leads may start from building a website to the Internet that provides information on products and services.

We use the technique of bringing traffic to websites by means of SEO, creating natural organic content or by advertising.

Not only a website, business owners feel the need to have an account on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even create a blog

specifically about company products. Source leads come from all kinds of directions, from search engines, websites, blogs, youtube and social media. Social media like Facebook and Instagram turned out to be powerful enough to bring in buyers


Even when business owners feel that the Lead is effective enough from Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, there are many new business owners

who prioritize managing Facebook, Instagram, youtube accounts seriously without the need to feel important to buldi,create,maintain a website.

Then time goes on, Chat messengers like BBM, Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, Kik, Slack appear.

Internet users experience changes behaviour, from what they had been spent a lot of time browsing websites, then switching to social media, video and

also apparently set aside a lot of time to engage intents communication through messenger chat.

What should be done by the company owner, digital marketing / sales facing this change. How to share allocations

budget advertising on Digital Banners on a website, blog, adnetwork network, mobile application, social media or advertising content inserts on

messenger chat. Determining priorities for getting leads from many sources is now diverse and confusing. We look back at the history of how users extract information before deciding to buy.

1. Users search for information from Search Engines ->, so let’s allocate budgets to search engines so that our website is ranked first, either by paying or by creating many organic content.

2. Users search for information by asking friends about the status of social media updates such as Twitter and Facebook -> let’s create an our own brand with mention of that user with our product information in reply to social media. Or we create an instagran ads, twitter, facebook ads according to the user’s profile / interest.

3. Users are looking for entertainment and information through youtube videos-> Business owners do not want to lose this opportunity, let’s make a video to showcase our products and services.

4. Users search for information by chatting in a group or private messages .-> Well, this is a new challenge, how do we capture users via messenger chat?

Telegram is an innovative chat messenger introducing telegramBot first, but for some reason until now, Telegram has not been able to rival whatsapp with 1.5 billion users.

How to use WhatsApp to get leads?

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