Have you ever been trying to capturing Leads through whatsapp messenger bot ?

Here is a demo of the experiment results on how to make potential bots get leads

How does it work?

This bot needs to be connected to the backend server so that bots can interact with the user, bots can offer questions obtained from the database,

and the application on the backend will then match the answers from the user so that they can be directed to the next question.

Example first question: do you have a car? if the answer is yes then the next question is asked what car brand does the user have?

if the answer is no, then the next question is the question whether you have a bike ? This nested question is stored in the database.

The answer from the user will also be stored in the database.

What kind brands and industries are suitable for applying this method? I think all industries need this method.

Lets say Property / Real Estate. Do people who have enough property investment funds spend a lot of time browsing the internet or chatting?

you may call this as a fiction case but it can happen, notice this: A property agent company with 30 sales people arming sales agents with a bot.

The bot will explain properties, photos and downloadable PDF brochure documents. Bots provide prospective buyers’ data profile questions directly through WhatsApp. Data is stored in the database and can be followed up by each sales by opening the dashboard provided. 30 Sales can see conversations that occur between bots and users, and each salesperson can follow up casually. Keep in mind,

that these prospective buyers are those who are willing to search for property information through whatsapp numbers provided by the Agent property Company. Previous bots have provided information to prospective buyers and then this would be sales task as a human to follow up.

Similar things can be applied such as car dealer agents, motor dealer agents, ins urance, financial lending institutions, electronic product agents and so on.

Employ bot to your number WhatsApp account to provide questions and answers with your prospective customers. If you convince that whatsapp have a potential to capturing leads, but don’t know how, lets discuss at kukuhtw at gmail dot com


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